About us

scp3Regional Chamber of Industry and Commerce [RCIC] in Tychy has been the economic self-governmental entity for 18 years, supporting and integrating both local and regional entrepreneurs making business in the area of Silesia. It has associated about 200 companies, which employ total 6 thousand people. Mostly small and medium enterprises belong to the Chamber, mainly from the sector of construction, automotive services and industry. There are, however, also larger companies and communal enterprises.

RCIC, as a member of National Chamber of Commerce, co-participates in the establishment of all-national network KIGNET chamber’s system of supporting competitiveness of Polish enterprises. Also, the Chamber has the accreditation of the Regional Employment Office for organizing training services. On the basis of the decision of the President of the Public Procurement Office, the Chamber was registered in the list of organizations authorized to submit appeals in tender procedures.

The Chamber cooperates with numerous local and regional institutions, among others. Marshal’s Office of Silesia, Silesian Centre of Entrepreneurship, Upper Silesian Regional Development Agency, Upper Silesian Fund, municipalities and institutions of employment market.

Tyski Lider Przedsiębiorczości, 07.06.2013r.The most important events organized annually by RCIC are: New Year’s Meeting of Entrepreneurs (January), Entrepreneurship Leader of Tychy (May) and Economic Forum in the framework of Swedish Days in Tychy (December). In May, the Chamber is also a patron Construction and Entrepreneurship Fairs of Tychy.

The Chamber organized a series of events, trainings and seminars, aiming at increasing the competitiveness of local firms, preparing them to make business on common European market and assisting them in acquiring financing. In the scope of current activity of the Chamber, member companies benefit from free IT and consulting services, among others. in the scope of establishing and running business activity and tax law issues.

In the previous years, the Chamber undertook a series of activities connected with the development of international cooperation, both at the institutional and company level. The particularly supple cooperation is developed between the Chamber and companies from Sweden, Czech Republic and Slovakia.